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A collaborative electronic lab notebook for FAIR experimental neuroscience.

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BrainSTEM has a customizable web interface built on a flexible data model and functions as an electronic lab notebook that allows for the organization of experiments and raw data. Granular access control enables collaboration within or across labs. The database of metadata can be accessed through either a web interface or REST API. A prototype of this tool has been deployed in the Buzsáki Lab, and a beta version for broad distribution is currently under development.

We are looking for pilot groups

We are looking to get BrainStem into the hands of more researchers. If you believe in open science and you or your lab wants to become pilot users please fill out this form.

Discover what BrainSTEM can do for your lab

BrainSTEM can accelerate your science, promote collaboration, extend the lifetime of your data,
and make FAIR data sharing easy

Centralized, customizable web interface for metadata capture

Flexible, extensible data model that incorporates standards

Customizable and user-friendly UI

Coordination with Matlab and Python analysis tools vis REST API

Granular access control enables collaboration within or across labs.

Relational structure to support sophisticated metadata searches

Public data

Explore the public data without an account through the Public data portal.